The magic bottle project

Posted by Padchol sodajan and others

TITLE                  The Magic Bottle
AUTHOR             Padchon Sodajan, Nattha Chaiyapoo, Nitchakool Boonjung
ADVISOR            Miss Rampaipan Kreuchai, Mrs. Monthip Kansorn,
                              Mrs. Yiwa Phudpha,      
DEGREE             Secondary School
SCHOOL             Khukhan School       DATE    2009


            This study was aimed to decrease quantity of plastic bottle around Khukhan School  Khukhan Distric, Sisaket Province. There was a sample groups with a total number of 49 students in Matthayomsuksa 2.  This project was encouraged students to increase their responsibility, honesty, and confidence. Furthermore their gained an opportunity for knowledge and skills to apply in their daily lives. The committee was set up via votes from students’s group.
             The results of the study showed that, Magic bottle project was successful in making students aware of the importance of keeping school and community clean. Students got more knowledge and skill in participation in the activity.  The main weakness was some students were not motivation to collect used bottle to the teacher leader.
               In conclusion, Magic bottle project is a suitable way to promote students in Khukhan School to help each other to do the project and  instill a strong sense of responsibility, honesty, and confidence within the students that will encourage them to care for the environment.


            This project has been successful because of the advice and encouragement from my advisor, Mrs. Yiwa Phudpha.  I would also like to thank Mrs. Monthip Kansorn and Miss Rampaipan Kreuchai for their valuable comments and suggestions.  Many thanks go to all the staff members of the Department of Foreign Language, from whom I have gained knowledge of the English language.
            My special thanks also go to the director, teachers, eight and eleven grade students at Khukhan School and my friends for all their kind assistance, cooperative and constant encouragement.
            Finally, I am very grateful to my beloved mother, grandmother, and my family, whose love and care make the completion of this project possible

                                                                       Padchon Sodajan and others

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