We can conclude that:
        1. Group activities were completed on time group members and their performance was beyond acceptable overall.
        2. Each student was able to bring 10 bottles to their teacher and record their activity in the checklist form which was signed by the teacher every Friday.
        3. Group members work together as a team sufficiently and successfully.
        4. Each week, the group was able to work with and sell water bottles to local recycling vendors behind Room 211 (Second Building) called ‘Arun Berk Faa’ and receive a receipt from the vendors.
        5. In one year, the group was able to save 20,000 Baht in their account by selling ‘magic bottles’ and recording transactions in the balance sheet.

Here we discuss the interesting findings of the magic bottle project.

         1. Some students could not fulfill the 10 magic bottles requirement to bring to class
         2. Students were able to record transaction correctly on the balance sheet.
         3. A few students were not motivation to collected used bottles so they bought bottles from local shops.


Useful Benefits of this project:
1. The school decreased the use of bottles altogether
2. Most students increased their capability to act responsibility but some could be more motivated
3. Students used the knowledge gained from this project to increase their care for school, community, and environment as a whole
4. Students know how to plan and carry out group work

Suggestions for further studies:
1. Increase the scope of this project by adding more students to participate.
2. Group members should distribute the responsibilities more specifically amongst themselves—for example, decide who manages the balance sheet, who collects, and who sells.
3. Offer the opportunity for students to plan more on their own without teacher supervision
4. Group members could open a bank account within the school.
5. Group members could increase their scope of recycling to include aluminum, glass, and paper






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