Procedure of the study:

1. Plan (P)

  • Students in Grade 8 will present their interest of project activities
  • Form the committee
  • Student meeting about the project plan, concept, and details of how the magic bottle project will be carried out

2. Do (D)

  • Make the work schedule
  • Make announcements to the whole school about the Magic Bottle Project about what Grade 8 and Grade 11 students will be doing.
  • Project Committee will prepare the storage silo area in order to organize the bottles which will be behind Room 211 (Second Building of Khukhan School) which is called: ‘Arun Berk Faa’
  • Proceed with project in the second semester to prepare the financial documents, balance sheet, and take photos of project activities.

3. Check

  • Committee members meet together to discuss problems that arise from doing the project and seek suggestions from teacher leaders.

4. Action

  • Group members make work reports that indicate who does what and when.
  • Students responsible for the Magic Bottle Project will write an evaluation for the project results to turn in to the teacher leaders.


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