Background of this study

               The current problem with local pollution is a serious issue that has caused global repercussions concerning many areas.  Examples of these areas include: bacterial infections, putrid smells, and the most serious, pollution contributing to global warming.  Much of the rubbish polluting the Earth comes from plastic products.  Furthermore, to properly dispose and care for plastic rubbish is very hard.  Most people dispose of their plastic rubbish by burning it. This burning causes the release of hot CO2 gases into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming.  To address this issue, people can choose to decrease their use of plastic and change how they dispose it.  Everyone including children can do this.  The change must begin with the individual; they can spread change through their social groups such as their families, schools, and nationality.
               Plastic bottles are something that can be sold and bought in the marketplace. The sale of plastics is a common practice that has increased in the present day.  The most heavily produced and recycled plastic products are beverage bottles. Included in these beverage bottles are those holding drinking water.  Students at the Khukhan School have noticed a large amount of drinking water bottle rubbish around their school caused by irresponsible disposal of bottles. This has made the school look untidy and unclean.
               To address this rubbish problem and make the school look better, the students at Khukhan School have come up with an activity called the ‘Magic Bottle Project’. Students take part in this project by collecting and selling them to nearby plastic vendors to recycle.  This helps decrease the plastic pollution around the school and community. The students who participate came up with this project on their own by thinking responsibly and proactively.  As a whole, the Magic Bottle Project contributes to the Thai model of sufficiency economy by using available local resources to address societal problems and increase personal value. For instance, this project provides an opportunity for students to practice accounting through the sale of plastic bottles and develop personal responsibility (for school and community).


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